José, Cancún: Life-Long Exposure

I find José on a list called „11 Photographers From Cancun You Should Know“. It’s one of those terrible, click-baity lists everyone hates and the only reason I’m looking it up is because I don't know what to do with my time while travelling in Mexico.

Alberto, Valladolid: The Cenote Hunter

For a man who sells underground lakes for a living, who knows everybody, has a story about everything and a quip as an answer to almost every question – for such a man, Alberto was surprisingly shy when I asked about doing an interview with him.

Hajo, Düsseldorf: Augen auf!

Mein erster Interviewpartner gehört zu dem angenehmen Schlag Menschen, die nicht viel Aufheben um sich selbst machen, sondern lieber ihre Arbeiten für sich sprechen lassen.